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The FLUX blog is to share our tastes in Sound and Visuals. No specific Genres, we curate everything that sounds good to our ears and looks good to our eyes. Mainly focused on Art ,Music & WebCulture.

With Monthly Nights in Mumbai City FLUX is our attempt is to Disrupt and Differentiate from the prevailing music scene in India. A departure from the mainstream and dig into urban sounds.

Idea is to showcase cutting edge, independent music ranging from Indie, Nu-Disko, Chill-Wave, Synth Pop, Funk, Glitch, Ghetto-Funk, Pretty Lights Music, Electro Funk, Lo-fi, Down Tempo to name a few.

A Krunk & AlgoRhythm Initiative


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    Caveman - In the City

    The first single from their upcoming self-titled sophomore effort, “In the City” finds Brooklyn rockers Caveman achieving an anthemic sound by playing to their strengths. The band pairs a heavy synth line with an intricate, propulsive beat, and their command of pace results in a climax that feels natural and earned. But the real star of “In the City” is lead singer Matthew Iwanusa, whose voice has an unexpected, striking richness. He demands attention, even in the midst of a weighty arrangement; if Caveman continues to embrace a more expansive sound, he’ll continue to shine.